NEW! Book Publicity 101 for Self-Published Authors:
How to Build Book Buzz

  • October 6-31, 2008
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My work teaching authors how to publicize their books has revealed that self-published authors aren't getting the help and instruction they need to announce their exciting new books when they become available, so I've created a course just for them and their unique learning needs.

Like the original Book Buzz course, this specialized version, "Book Publicity 101 for Self-Published Authors: How to Build Book Buzz," is a dynamic, highly-interactive four-week online course offered in partnership with Freelance Success, the popular subscription newsletter and online community for established nonfiction writers. You will learn how to launch your self-published book and keep it in the news for months to come. This specialized course for self-published authors features instructional materials and assignments on how to introduce your book when it's published because unlike authors using traditional publishers, you need to build your own media lists, write your own media materials, and send review copies yourself. This course teaches you how, but it also teaches so much more! You will learn how to:

  • Announce your book professionally and successfully to the press and other key communities
  • Create a book publicity blueprint that makes the most of your available resources
  • Craft the most compelling media materials needed to generate results
  • Conduct a virtual book tour with bloggers who can help you build buzz quickly
  • Employ the media relations tools that will take you the farthest fastest
  • Generate high-impact radio interviews
  • Build an author Web site that supports book sales and other goals
  • And much, much more

Here’s how the course works:

  • It’s taught in a forum format, with lessons and homework assignments posted online in a private, password-protected forum. The forum is very easy to navigate and use.
  • After reviewing instructional materials and resources, students complete and post weekly assignments that help them discover how easy it is to create book buzz.
  • I provide very specific and constructive feedback on the homework so that students leave the course with actual tools they can use to generate buzz.
  • Student interaction on the forum enhances the learning experience by offering fresh perspectives and new ideas for all participants.
  • A free-for-all Q&A corner lets students get answers to questions not covered in the course materials, making this a highly-personalized learning experience for nonfiction and fiction authors.

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"This class helped me gain national attention for a regional travel guide. Without the course, I never would have seen those possibilities let alone known how to make them happen!"
     -- Jen A. Miller, author, The Jersey Shore,
     Atlantic City to Cape May: Great Destinations

"I've learned so much, and am enjoying every minute of it. You've created a wonderful program, and you deliver it beautifully."
     --Dorothy Pedersen, author of three books

"I took Sandy's class 2 years ago and she taught me everything I know about book publicity. She is the best. I highly recommend this to anyone with a book to sell. The course material is great, but so is her attention to your particular problems and questions. She was an amazing help to me and I use the things she taught me every day."
     --Brette Sember, author of more than 20 books

“The homework feedback was excellent, but so were the class materials.”
     --Yvonne Jeffery, author, The Everything Fix-It Book

“I feel like I'm much better prepared with good ideas for getting the word out.”
     --Kris Bordessa, author, TEAM TASKS: Activities to
     encourage creativity, cooperation and communication


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